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So, Mom….I wrote a Vampire Romance

I’ll begin with saying I have a very supportive family. They are kind and church-going but not too judgmental. Both of my parents encouraged reading. I grew up with the classics like C. S. Lewis and Tolkien. My older sister is even named ‘Alia‘ after the character in Frank Herbert’s Dune. With all that given, […]

Excerpt – Chapter One

Solstice Night is now available for Purchase Prologue 1099 Jerusalem A small woman dressed like a beggar sat by the fountain. Locks of her shorn raven hair peeked out from under her veils. She was beautiful and sad. She didn’t ask for alms. “Here, lady.” A flower seller, a boy of twelve, handed her […]

flood of identity

Any new author (and many veteran writers) is challenged with promoting the release of a new book. The Publisher has some tools, but for the self-published and small press the call goes out to the Author. I have decided to personally celebrate the situation. It places me in control of how my book is represented […]

Do)n’t( Push

This is the first of my ‘Wednesday’ posts, the posts focused on writing, how I write and why sometimes I can’t write. I don’t outline. I don’t have a method or a formula. At any given time I have three or four stories running in my head. (Doctors probably have a name for that.) I […]

Originally posted on Life in the Boomer Lane:
To the person who spelled my middle name incorrectly on my birth certificate: I applaud you for your creative license.  You took a strange spelling and turned it into an even stranger spelling. You recognized that although I was merely minutes old, I strove to be unique.…

A Raven Like a Writing Desk

Things never begin as you expect. I went to school to be a designer. I began writing as a way to relax. Grad school kept my mind busy, but I needed a way to unwind. So I wrote down the little stories I came up with in my overtaxed mind. Once I had a few […]

The Beginning

Debut Paranormal Romance Solstice Night I started scribbling. I needed something to do between classes. I needed a non-academic activity for my brain to unwind. After a few weeks, I had a story. In less than a year, my first novel was finished. No one knew I was writing. It was my private pass time. […]