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A Raven Like a Writing Desk

Things never begin as you expect. I went to school to be a designer. I began writing as a way to relax. Grad school kept my mind busy, but I needed a way to unwind. So I wrote down the little stories I came up with in my overtaxed mind. Once I had a few chapters written, I posted them on ‘Wattpad’, a website of free reads and lots of fanfiction. However, soon I outgrew that site. Most of my ‘fans’ were teenagers and I was uncomfortable with them reading my stories.

I submitted my first completed story on a whim. I doubted it would ever be published, but it seemed a waste to let a finished novel sit unread.

With the debut of my first novel next month, I have been bouncing around the internet trying to promote it. I have followed every bit of advice from my publisher and fellow writers. I have set up so many profiles, I’m sure exactly who I am any more. It is as overwhelming as it is exciting. The thing I am most nervous about are the Reviewers. Yes, my family liked my story. Yes, I have a publisher so there is at least one unbiased opinion, but what will the Reviewers say?

Do I want commercial success? Sure. I am poor recent graduate. I want any way (within reason) to pay my bills. But I really, really want people to LIKE my book and not in the Facebook instant gratification way. I want the person reading my book to enjoy the experience, to remember the characters, and feel like reading my book is time well spent.

There is no unclicking the SUBMIT button, so now I wait.


One comment on “A Raven Like a Writing Desk

  1. Success is not to be pursued; it is to be attracted by the person you become. Jim Rohn

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