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Something You Can Hold in Your Hand

One Month After my Book Release The day of my book release was slightly anti-climatic. It was ‘released’ digitally on February 26th, but not available as a paperback until February 29th. Having Leap Day as a release date was kind of neat. It’s a special, easy-to-remember day. However, I had nothing tangible to mark my […]

Know your Dealer

Well, that was embarrassing… A few weeks ago, I received an email stating my novel “Solstice Night” was Now Available at All Romance eBooks. As exciting as that sounds, I did not recognize the vendor. Nor did I know how they got my personal email address. I went to the site to investigate (probably not […]

Outline @ The End

I do not outline. Or at least not when you are supposed to outline, which is, before the story is written. I tried that. I was forced to do that in school. It was fine for essays and research papers, yet horrid for fiction. Outlines made my stories too formulated. It also made me make […]

Working on Guest Blogs – Apologies

Sorry not to have uploaded last Wednesday. I am working on two guest blogs (Savvy Authors and Unwritten). Oddly, I feel more pressure when posting on someone else’s site. I’ll be sure to post links once the posts go live.