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Know your Dealer

Well, that was embarrassing…

A few weeks ago, I received an email stating my novel “Solstice Night” was Now Available at All Romance eBooks. As exciting as that sounds, I did not recognize the vendor. Nor did I know how they got my personal email address. I went to the site to investigate (probably not the smartest decision if the site was malicious) and found my book, complete with blurb and cover image.

The price was set at $0.

That was when I sent a frantic email to my editor.

She politely (and quickly) assured me that All Romance eBooks was indeed one of their legitimate vendors, along with seven others. I revisited my publisher’s web site Melange-Books.com. To my chagrin, under the tab ‘Our Books Sellers’ was a link to All Romance eBooks at the top of the list. I made note of the other less recognizable vendors, like BookStrand and Coffee Time Romance, to prevent future misdirected freak-outs.

However, my suspicion did fix a critical error. My book was NOT supposed to be priced at $0. It was a typo on All Romance eBook’s part. Once I notified my editor, the price was almost immediately corrected. It was my editor that gave the vendor my personal instead of my author email. So another mistake to correct.

Next, I took the opportunity to visit the other vendor sites. It was thrilling to see my pen name and title listed on the big players like Barnes&Noble and Amazon.  “Solstice Night” didn’t appear on some of the smaller, niche sites. But I am prepared if I receive emails from them in the future. It was interesting to see how the different sites listed my book. As wide spread a genre as Paranormal Romance, there are few sites with it listed as a major category. BookStrand categorized it as Mainstream Romance/Action Adventure when another called it Horror. The ‘tags’ ranged from: love, power, slave, and vampire.

Visiting the vendor sites also gave me the opportunity to promote myself as an author. Most of them had ‘Author Pages’ that allowed me to upload a biography and profile pic. I added links (to this blog for instance). Shelfari.com is a subsidiary of Amazon. It is like an encyclopedia of books. The site doesn’t actually sell books, but it allowed me to add tons of ‘Book Extras’, such as detailed character descriptions, a glossary, favorite book quotes and more. These are small but nice gestures for the interested reader that goes the extra step to research me or my works.


One comment on “Know your Dealer

  1. “Solstice Night” is available in the UK from Amazon! How cool is that?!

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