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Something You Can Hold in Your Hand

One Month After my Book Release

The day of my book release was slightly anti-climatic. It was ‘released’ digitally on February 26th, but not available as a paperback until February 29th. Having Leap Day as a release date was kind of neat. It’s a special, easy-to-remember day. However, I had nothing tangible to mark my release.

I decided to order 10 author copies through my publisher (warning, taxes plus shipping was more than the price of the book). When they arrived, I had a number of surprises. I didn’t realize how many preconceived notions I had about what I thought of as ‘my book’ until I held it in my hand.

The physical dimensions were off. It was thinner than I imagined, but the folio size was larger. I expected something with brick-like proportions. Instead of compact paperback, it was roughly 6″x9″. The blurb on the back was again, larger than I expected. The cover was right though. Since I designed it, I was accustomed to seeing it in various hues and sizes. Yet, it was surreal seeing a printed version after looking at it on a computer screen for so long. When I opened the box, I touched every single one. Then I flipped through the first copy. I wasn’t really reading anything. I just savored the sensation of holding My Book.

There were typos.

I knew it was unrealistic to be typo free, but seeing them still bugged my. My editor and I read and re-read the manuscript. We thankfully avoided a major gaffe. I found an ‘or’ that should have been ‘for’. And an inexplicable ‘/’ trailing one of my sentences.

But the best part of holding a copy of my book for the first time was…my first book signing. My husband, ever supportive, demanded the first signed copy. I felt a due amount of pressure on deciding the dedication. How do you write something meaningful without sounding like a Hallmark card? I thought hard and even did a practice inscription before I set pen to paper. My message was for my husband alone, but I am glad that my first signed work is a source of pride for someone I care so much about.


One comment on “Something You Can Hold in Your Hand

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