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Wait…Wait…Don’t Tell Me

How come you can tell someone everything that happens in a movie and they will still go to see it, but giveaway the plot of a book and they will NEVER read it? The artistic mediums are different. When you watch a movie there are special effects, the musical score and yummy actors. I understand, […]


My signature has changed at key turning points in my life. When I learned cursive in school, my name changed from blocky print to deliberate strokes. I took my husband’s last name when I got married. Yet, I still answer to my maiden name without hesitation. I practiced my pen name before my book was […]

Return to Writing

No new ‘Blog’ as it were, this week. Instead, I re-read some of my ongoing projects. I updated the ‘Writing Desk’ page with the prologue of a story I am working on. The title is ‘Refuge’ at the moment. I try to write everyday (even if it is just developing the story in my head). […]

A Name is Being…examples

On my last Wednesday Post, I went into how I name my characters. I try to choose a name that ‘IS’ the character. The name’s meaning is a core quality of the character. Also, the name should reflect some of the origin of the character. I have no set rules, but the name should feel […]

A Name Is Being (written for Mysti Parker’s A-Z blog challenge)

How do you choose a name? In depth research? Random Selection? or Pick What Sounds Right? Naming a character is a very difficult thing. It is akin to naming a child, except a child will amend his name as he grows up. But your character is either blessed or cursed by your christening forever. I […]