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A Name is Being…examples

On my last Wednesday Post, I went into how I name my characters. I try to choose a name that ‘IS’ the character. The name’s meaning is a core quality of the character. Also, the name should reflect some of the origin of the character. I have no set rules, but the name should feel right.

I have explained how the heroine of ‘Solstice Night’, Beo was christened, but I would like to give brief background on some of her companions.


Dis: Roman god of Death and Judgement. Connection to character’s origin (both time and geographic location).

John Fitzgerald: He was an American Revolutionary. Both first and last names were common of the period.

Rook: ‘Rook’ is a nickname, as told in the book. Her human name was Sara Rebecca Wheeler. She was an American pioneer. She and her family tried to scratch a living on the plains and prairies of the Midwest.

The Wolves – Howl, Bir, Jagr, Pare, and Yelp: Since the Wolves are supernatural beings and not human, I chose (or invented) names with animalistic qualities. Yelp is the pack runt, whereas Howl is the leader.

Mala, Corps: The corporation run by Mr. Edwards. The Latin meaning of ‘mala’ is troubles or evils. The names reminded me of ‘malice’, making it the perfect front for Mr. Edwards dark deeds.


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