Return to Writing

No new ‘Blog’ as it were, this week. Instead, I re-read some of my ongoing projects. I updated the ‘Writing Desk’ page with the prologue of a story I am working on. The title is ‘Refuge’ at the moment.

I try to write everyday (even if it is just developing the story in my head). However, that has been hard to do lately. The usual: work, family, grown-up responsibilities have gotten in the way. Revisiting my work is always illuminating, and entertaining, if I’m honest – and allow for a bit of ego. I get new ideas every time I re-read. Some things get tossed, while others get woven more tightly.

I find it encouraging that I enjoy reading my work on a recreational level. I forget that I wrote it and just emerge myself in the story.


4 comments on “Return to Writing

  1. That’s awesome to reread your older works and forget that you did it. I recently found a bunch of short stories I wrote back in college (in a time long forgotten) and it was hilarious to see all the pop culture references at the time. I was a nice revisit.

  2. I like your intriguing words. awesome work. I hope you write many. I will carry on reading

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