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Wait…Wait…Don’t Tell Me

How come you can tell someone everything that happens in a movie and they will still go to see it, but giveaway the plot of a book and they will NEVER read it?

The artistic mediums are different. When you watch a movie there are special effects, the musical score and yummy actors. I understand, my static words have no hold over Jude Law on a fifty foot screen. Whereas, telling someone about a book is very similar to reading a book. Knowing how a book turns out immediately lessens its appeal. Yet, here lies my dilemma…When telling someone about my book how much, is too much?

Occasionally, I tell someone in my everyday life ‘I wrote a book’ (more accurately, my husband tells someone ‘hey, did you know my wife wrote a book’). Invariably, their first question is ‘What’s it about?’

Paranormal Romance is my first response. That often requires explanation. Paranormal romance is a sub-genre of romance, but its roots are in Gothic fiction. I usually get an ‘Oh’ in return. I have encountered surprised, shocked,  and amused ‘oh’s. If they seem interested, I’ll add that it is set in present day Detroit, there are vampires, weres (not typical werewolves) and the heroine, Beo, is a supernatural being of my own invention. Some people come back with ‘I like Twilight!’.

My book is not like Twilight.

There is no teenage angst. Every character is flawed and multidimensional. My vampires have no qualms with feeding on humans or sex or violence. Their solution to a problem is typically to rip the problem’s head off. I am a fan of Sherrilyn Kenyon, Lynn Viehl and Charlaine Harris. Though, I feel my book has its own unique qualities. Again I reach the line of ‘how much to tell’. I could try to describe how my book is different, but then you would have no need to read it…sigh.


One comment on “Wait…Wait…Don’t Tell Me

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