Business Cards and a New Haircut


I don’t procrastinate regularly. But I do put off making decisions sometimes. I have long hair and often imagine cutting it really short. But I waffle on my decision so I put off going to the salon. Finally, instead of a having a clear confident choice, I just make myself go. Now my hair is six inches shorter. It was so long, no one really noticed, but it feels better. Also it’s nice to do something you have been meaning to do, no matter how small.

Another decision I was putting off was business cards for my writing. I knew I needed business cards. I have missed opportunities to share my book and blog.  I stalked the Vistaprint site for awhile. I played with a few layouts and experimented with colors. The biggest decision was what information to actually put on the card. My pen name and publisher were a given. I wanted to share my blog too. I debated on listing my book. I hope to publish another this Fall and wouldn’t want my card to be quickly outdated. The card template is set up for a brick and mortar company. I had to tweak which lines I listed my info. to fit on the card. Eventually, I had something I really liked. My book was listed with minimal but key information to find it. I chose to include my publisher’s website, my blog and email address.

I have appointments with two local book stores. They have already agreed to carry my book, yet I want to make a good impression. Little things like business cards and a new hair cut make all the difference.


3 comments on “Business Cards and a New Haircut

  1. Oh Yes 🙂 Sometimes A haircut is all that is needed 🙂 And a Biz card would be a nice addition 🙂

    Happy writing
    Elgee aka Gayathri (from goodreads)

    Psst.. U got a new follower.. Look into mine when u get a chance 😛

  2. Business cards are generally really really important whenever you want to market your product or service to possible clients. l usually make sure that we create business cards that make a wonderful impression.

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