My Book is NOT like Twilight

My vampires are not in High School.

My vampires have fangs and do not sparkle.

My vampires would eat Edward Cullen’s face.

There, now I feel better.

A screenshot depicting Edward and Bella in the...

I have actually read Stephanie Meyer’s Twilight trilogy. Bella is much more likable in the books. The books appeal to the teenage angst and awkwardness we all experienced. They are not ‘bad’ books. They just aren’t my book.

My vampires are ‘creatures bound by darkness, strong, lethal and impulsive’.

“Solstice Night” belongs on the shelf with Lynn Viehl, Sherrilyn Kenyon and Jeaniene frost. I was influence by those fine ladies, yet I hold my world and the creatures within as unique.


2 comments on “My Book is NOT like Twilight

  1. You might enjoy this writer’s retreat footage, where they all descend into the “it’s not like ‘Twilight'” rant, LOL.

    And I laugh because every time one of my friends starts railing against ‘Twilight’ on Facebook, I pipe up and say, “My vampire book is way, way more awesome. Yarmulke-wearing, sniper-rifle toting Jewish vampires quoting ‘The Princess Bride.’ Your argument is invalid!”

  2. haha. Loved it! thanks

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