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Why do we Hate our Heroes?

I have tortured, beaten and murdered. I have starved, neglected and abandoned. I don’t know what compels me to do these things. Why I feel they have to happen. And I have done these things to those whom I care for. I love my characters, so why do I make ‘bad things’ happen to them. […]

When You Write Too Much

This week I was a guest blogger on Romance Junkies. I wrote about the differences in short stories and my first ‘FREE READ’. You can visit my post live or read below. +++ There are two natures to the Short Story: The Independent and The Companion. The Independent is a self-contained universe. The story requires […]


Brief post this week for 3 reasons: Work – I am blessed to have a job that is challenging and I am good at. Everything I work on right now is a priority, so part of the task is to determine which is the superior priority. Shorts – I finished my short story ‘Chaos Children’. […]

You Look Fetching in Chain Mail

(I swear I am not starting a Kristen Stewart blog ) ‘Snow White and the Huntsman‘ is amazing. It may seem silly, but going to the movies is a big deal to me. Ticket prices are high and run times are long. A movie has to look spectacular for me to want to watch it […]