You Look Fetching in Chain Mail

(I swear I am not starting a Kristen Stewart blog )

Snow White and the Huntsmanis amazing. It may seem silly, but going to the movies is a big deal to me. Ticket prices are high and run times are long. A movie has to look spectacular for me to want to watch it in a room with a hundred strangers.

The movie was both visually beautiful and engaging. It feels truer to the original Brothers Grimm telling than the Disney version. The subtle (and not-so-subtle) transformation of the landscape, the Queen, and Snow White throughout the film held my attention, where without that level of detail the story would have felt slow. The Queen shifts from a golden beauty, to a cruel silver dictator, to finally the black evil Queen we have been waiting for. Yet, you leave almost feeling sorry for the Queen, a new dimension I appreciate.

I notice things in movies that no one else cares about, but I’ll tell you anyway. (Then you will be doomed to notice them too.) First, Kristen Stewart is referred to as ‘Snow White’ only once or twice when she is a child. For the rest of the movie she is called ‘the Princess’, the “King’s Daughter’ or an enigmatic ‘Don’t-you-know-who-she-is’. Not calling her ‘Snow White’ constantly helps the film stay away from iconic previous versions of the fairy tale. Secondly, I wonder how the Duke got armor small enough to fit the Princess on such short notice. Yes, I realize they are in a magically kingdom, but hey, I can still wonder.

Perhaps the most refreshing part was, Snow White actually deserves the love and devotion shown her by the other characters. She is brave and kind.She isn’t idolized simply on the grounds that she is the main character and that is what you expect. I worried for only a moment that the story was going to veer into Twilight Territory. A love triangle forms between Snow White, the Huntsman, and the Duke’s Son (If I see t-shirts with ‘Team Huntsman’ on them, I will slap someone.) She gives the Duke’s Son a trademark Stewart-awkward-kiss, and the Huntsman does some glaring. But that was kept as a side story instead of the focus. In fact, Snow White doesn’t ‘end up’ with either of them. Only one last look at the Huntsman indicates which she would choose. Her story doesn’t end with a wedding proposal. It ends with her slaying the evil queen and being crowned queen alone.


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