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Have Fun for the Day

I didn’t write today because I was ‘busy’. I had work. I was tired. My computer was misbehaving…every excuse you can expect. But I love my blog. Posting here is fun and engaging. After properly reprimanding  myself, I vowed to post next week.

Then my lovely, supportive husband asked sadly at dinner, “No blog today?” It kinda hit me then. This blog is not just ‘fun’ for me, but for at least a few others out there, too. So to you, I apologize for not getting on it earlier.

With that attitude, I’m going to blog about something FUN.

We all need something silly, creative and do for no reason other than it is fun.

On July 19th, Google announced “This Exquisite Forest”. It’s a collaborative online art experiment. The founders do a far better job of explaining (see YouTube video), but basically anyone in the world can add to an existing story. Or start their own story. The platform is simple draw animation, only limited by your own imagination (and your skill with a mouse).

I added a branch to a new “tree” Triangle Heaven. Proud of my first creation, I boldly I “seeded” my own “tree”.


I called it Accumulation. The only instruction is – Build your own branch. I used the brushes to gradually fill the screen. I invite you to add to my tree or start your own (if you let me know about it I’ll try to add to it).

So I’m still busy with a full grown-up life, but today… I had fun.

🙂 😉 😛 :0


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