Foot Loose

After spending the month of July in an orthopedic boot, I am back in my sneakers. I am extremely pleased to be free of the heavy black device. It was the smallest the doctor had, but it still reached almost to my knee. It was a great alternative to crutches and I shudder thinking I could have had a plaster cast. However, by the time my appointment came I was done. My husband actually managed to bump up my original appointment. He knew my aggravation.

Things I have had to re-learn include:

  • Walking. I keep expecting the floor to move from under me.
  • Matching Socks. Okay so I still know how to do this, but I got out of the habit.
  • Standing on both feet evenly. To compensate for my injury, I would stand with the weight on my right leg when I was, for instance in the shower.

Being on crutches and then in a boot, I have a new appreciation for ADA requirements. They seem like a hassle and a fabrication of a politically correct society, but when you can’t get around you care less about politics and more about ‘how-do-I-get-in-the-damn-door’.

I’m an inch shorter without the boot. At 5’2″, that is a very noticeable inch, but I’ll just go back to high heels (once the doctor clears me, of course). For the next week or two I am limited to my flat, comfy shoes. If I am very clever I will stretch my doctor’s excuse into a few months. I can hear myself say, “I have to wear my converse. Doctor’s orders.


2 comments on “Foot Loose

  1. ADA is also handy for the little ones. Ramps for strollers and larger bathrooms are awesome.

  2. I happen to know for a fact you’re only 5′ 1″ and a half!

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