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There are (Worms) in my (Refrigerator)……..context

(This is the odd way my mind works. For those who know me, you understand.) This post is about the importance of context and the odd revelations when it is left out. I’ve started a sci-fi fantasy (yes, with romance…hey! love is universal 🙂 ) As I write, I get to create new worlds, creatures […]

Constructed Vocabulary

I am a BIG Charlaine Harris fan. I buy everything she writes (usually on the day it comes out). I started with the Sookie Stackhouse series, then quickly devoured the Lily Bard, Aurora Teagarden, and Harper Connelly books as well. Between books, I regularly visit Mrs. Harris’s webpage in hopes of learning more about the […]

Point-of-View, Where do you stand?

In my last book, Thrush my editor told me, I ‘head-hopped’ too much. I tended to shift which character I was focusing on during a scene. This caused confusion.We worked back and forth to clean-up the writing. I honestly didn’t even realize I was writing that way until she commented on it. So far everything […]


Working on a short story due out next month. Eight authors from the GoodReads Group Paranormal Romance & Horror Lovers came together to write a free anthology entitled “All the Lovely Creatures”. An excerpt from my contribution, The Little Death. The night had a thrilling sort of anxiety. There was a sense of universal anticipation. […]