There are (Worms) in my (Refrigerator)……..context

(This is the odd way my mind works. For those who know me, you understand.)

This post is about the importance of context and the odd revelations when it is left out. I’ve started a sci-fi fantasy (yes, with romance…hey! love is universal 🙂 ) As I write, I get to create new worlds, creatures even natural laws. I’m free to think up well…anything. Yet, all living-beings have the same basic needs: Food & Shelter. And they all have a life cycle: Birth, Maturity, Death. Despite being ‘fantasy’, rules must be established for my world to exist. Otherwise, it is all nonsense. I find inspiration in questioning the mundane details of my own life. I ask…Why do I live the way that I do? If an alien sent to study human life entered my home, what would he find…

…Worms in my Refrigerator.

In a similar plastic container as the sour cream, yogurt and margarine are: Live Nightcrawlers. To an outsider, a container of non-vertebrate is very similar to a container of spoiled dairy with ‘live bacteria’.

So how did the worms end-up next to the milk and eggs?

My husband is an AVID fisherman. More accurately he is a fish Catcher. Be it bass, trout, catfish. Anything with gills jumps out of the water and into his net. (It is ridiculous to watch.) We have been married a long time now, so I am used to seeing bait beside the produce. So I wondered what else do I take for granted as ‘ordinary’ is, when you really, really think about it, strange as hell…

A) All Feminine Cosmetic Rituals – women, we spent hours on our hair, skin, nails….but we still try to make it look ‘natural’.

B) Faux Materials – Fake Fur, Fake Wood, Fake Jewelry. We know it’s not real.

C) Texting over Talking – Why, as devices gotten ‘smarter’, we have reverted to the eloquence of a telegram? We elect for confusing abbreviated messages when full verbal conversations are a keystroke away.

D) Instagram – makes your ‘hi-def’ photos look grainy and old.

E) Bacon on Salads – Delicious, yes, but sorta defeats the purpose of a salad.

All the things I listed have legitimate origins in culture, technology or economics. However, when you just examine the singular act, it is no stranger than having worms in your refrigerator.


4 comments on “There are (Worms) in my (Refrigerator)……..context

  1. I might chuckle and shake my head at “feminine cosmetic rituals”, but the results always make me smile.

  2. Isn’t life funny that way? I really hate to find the worms when I am looking for a good leftover for dinner!

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