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Fall is the best and seemingly shortest season.The anticipation of Winter makes temperate days feel fleeting and the spectacle of Fall Colors even more temporal. The holidays that occupy the latter half of the season demand our full focus and attention – making time passes even faster. But as Christina Applegate said in her SNL monologue (October 13, 2012), it’s ‘almost-not-quite-Halloween’. We are still in the early unperturbed days when cooler temps are a welcome change from Summer’s heat.

For me, Fall is Hot Chocolate and Scarfs. For my husband, it’s college football and trout fishing (I read by the stream while he fishes, so we technically go fishing together 😉 ) Last weekend, he limited out his trout license while I wrote a chapter of my current sci-fi piece and read an amazing book, “The Graveyard Book” by Neil Gaiman. It was cute, creepy and absolutely delightful, a perfect book for reading outside on a crispy Fall day.

Halloween is a nice introduction to the holiday season. It is fun with candy and costumes, and it demands the least of our time. Thanksgiving comes with more family obligations and overeating. I like Thanksgiving more and more as I grow-up. Presents are unimportant now, even a hassle (both giving and receiving). A good meal with friends and family is how I prefer to spend the holidays. Christmas is the undisputed reigning king of the holidays. Retailers try to extend the shopping season from mid-October through January. Not even the summer is safe from ‘Christmas in July’ promos and TV specials. I cherish Christmas for my own personal beliefs. I acknowledge – even partake – in the commercialization of the season, yet it is the smaller, more personal rituals I hold dear. Specially planned expeditions to look at Christmas lights at night. Baking gross tons of cookies and candy. Letting ‘A Christmas Story’ play on repeat. New Year’s is a party. It fits in a different category than ‘holiday’ for me.

The husband and I are starting to feel weight of impending commitments. Friends have inquired if we will be available on certain weekends and family ask ‘when are you coming in’. But it is still ‘Almost-Not-Quite-Halloween’. I haven’t picked a costume. I have refrained from buying candy (I would just eat it before trick-or-treat anyway.) I don’t even have a pumpkin.

I am going to try to savor each holiday individually. I am going to spend time out-of-doors. I am going to read and write.

I am going to enjoy a marginalized annual event, Autumn.

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