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This is not a Political Post

I am not posting about my candidate’s success or failure. It is, honestly none of your business whom I voted for. (I don’t care who you voted for either.) If you desire to read politically polarizing posts, I suggest Facebook. There you are guaranteed to find something to: agree with, curse at or laugh at. I almost did not vote. Sorry, Susan B. My reason (i. e. excuse) was the poll’s hours. I attempted to vote prior to going to going to work, but my location opened at 8 o’clock instead of 7 like some other. After work, I had a bad headache; the line was long and slow. Pathetic reasons. My husband and I waited it out. In the local races there was often only one choice. On the national level, my state was decided by far more than my lone ballot. However, I am glad I made the effort. Whether you are in the pissed off half of America this morning, a smug victor, or a jaded non-partisan, you should be happy you voted as well.

I have a simple request. It is non-party barely political message. In fact, it will remind some of you of childhood Sunday School: Count Your Damn Blessings.

1) I live in a nation where as a woman I am allowed to vote (as well as work the job of my choice, be educated, own property, etc.)

2) If my candidate didn’t win, I am free to b*tch about it as much as I want. (I just should respect everyone else’s likewise right to b*tch.)

3) I could write-in Mickey Mouse as a candidate.

I am not naive. The system is not perfect. The Electorial College is an unfair, out-dated institution. Yet, nothing is gained by doing nothing. The reason I voted was because I COULD. I wasn’t pressured by social media. I didn’t feel a civil obligation or a strong allegiance to a particular candidate (I think they are all crooks as a rule.). I voted because as a native-born citizen, I am granted the right to vote in the United States of America.


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