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Feeling Festive!

It may be 60 Degrees outside but I’m feeling “Christmassy”.

Charlie Brown Christmas Tree Shopping

Charlie Brown Christmas Tree Shopping (Photo credit: K!T)

My Tree is up. I have a box of Charlie Brown Christmas cards ready to be addressed and sent. Gifts are bought.

True to form, my husband has given me mine early. A Keurig Coffee Maker. That thing has more controls than the space shuttle. Not even a coffee drinker himself, he fully indulges my caffeine addiction. However, in the spirit of the season, I have Apple Cider too.

Today’s post doesn’t have much purpose other than to say – It’s December 5th and now is the appropriate time for Christmas Carols, TV specials, and Christmas Lights. So give into to your inner child. Bake cookies so you can promptly eat them (just save a few for Santa). Wear awesomely hideous holiday sweaters. And decorator your work cubical with tinsel.

But be warned, if I see/hear a Lexus commercial – there will be blood. It has nothing to do with economic standing. If you can buy your loved one a Lexus for Christmas, good for you. Just leave the rest of us out of it.

Lexus Christmas Commercial Parody


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