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The Shrinking Empire of the Publishing House

Hail to the Do-It-Yourself’er

[Disclaimer: I have a day job. I don’t support myself with my writing. I just have a great time doing it.]

Anyone can publish.

I know because I have. My literary training consists of enjoying books. So I write books I would like to read. I have no formal training in writing, editing or publishing. . My booklist is only four volumes long: Two through a small press printing house and two are self-published. Granted my ‘self-published’ are by nature different than my full-length novels. Chaos Children is a short story written as a compliment to Solstice Night, a paranormal romance. All the Lovely Creatures is an anthology by the GoodReads group Paranormal & Horror Lovers. Both were written with the intent of being ‘free reads’ and written for the sheer pleasure of writing and sharing one’s work. The site I used to distribute my works to the world is Smashwords. The site is very user friendly with tons of free services.

Ebooks are a growing sector of the book market. The percentages vary depending on who is writing the report. Last Sunday my husband and I were watching CBS Sunday Morning as we typically do. The show is a collection of the random, trivial and delightfully mundane. This week the headline shorty was:

CBS News Sunday Morning

CBS News Sunday Morning (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

‘Authors exercise their ‘write’ to self-publsih’.


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