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Year One

This week marks one year of blogging.

As I originally wrote in the ‘About’ section of the blog, I still do not know the nature of a blog. I write what I’m thinking. Loosely themed around writing, editing, publishing or any literary topic in general. My modest postings have garnered many supportive comments and re-posts. I have made a few friends among my fellow bloggers.

I say I am successfully published, if not a successful. I enjoy being an author. I enjoy my blog. I mostly blog for myself. I am able to ‘speak’ freely about my writing in a way I never can in person. It is a brief weekly platform for my random thoughts and I get a kick out of sharing my thoughts with people from around the world. I love interacting with my readers. If you ever leave a comment know I greatly appreciate it.



  • February 8th 2012 – First Post “Body Farm Field Trip”
  • February 29th 2012 – First Book Published “Solstice Night
  • August 26th 2012 – Published Second Book “Thrush
  • October 10th 2012 – Contributed and Published Free Anthology “All the Lovely Creatures” with GoodReads group Paranormal & Horror Lovers

Lessons Learned

  • “FREE” doesn’t mean anyone will read it. I have published several free reads with mild reception. The hardest part is offering my book for free in return for an honest review and still no takers. I think in the booming world of self-publishing, small press(es) and ebooks, “free” has the negative association with “not-valuable” or “inferior”. That reputation is in some cases earned. Unfortunately, my work is just another number of many and hard to distinguish from the mix. I still think offering chapter excerpts and free short stories is a good way to attract new readers and a nice little gift for your loyal readers. But beware if you don’t value your work (and attach a price) no one else will.

The Value of FREE is ZERO.

  • Signed up for NaNoWriMo –> Started a Story –>Quickly Fell Behind on Writing Schedule = Have a (great) Story Outline I Intend to Complete Someday

It is better to start and fail than never begin. (I’m sure someone, sometime said it with more eloquence and flair, but there you go.)

Surprising Personal Revelations

Surprising but true. When I was juggling work, family and grad school I wrote two books. Since graduation I have three story openings, no completed manuscripts. Two Reasons for this: A) My day now contains a solid 8 hours of work where before I spent 10-12 interrupted hours at school/work. I took advantage of those fragmented 15-30 minutes of waiting for class to start, waiting for my husband to get out of class, etc. throughout the day to scribble in my notebook. B) I wrote to ‘escape’ while in grad school. I will stipulate I have a modest but blessed life. I was never trying to run from my life, but my brain needed a break from academia. My stories helped me do that. Happily graduated, I don’t have the same pressure to write down my stories.

I wrote MORE when I had LESS time.


One comment on “Year One

  1. I think there’s a glut in the market right now. Hang in and keep working.

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