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Some weeks I don’t know what to write. For my topics, I observe the every day human condition, read new books, give updates on my writing or try to make some personal self-discovery. Often I either draw a blank or I have too many ideas but no idea of where to take them.

Today is a day of the Random.

Things that REALLY annoy me:

  • Slow draining showers. Standing in slightly soapy, tepid water…gross.
  • The expression “I don’t disagree”. I hear this all the time in meetings. I guess it’s the passive aggressive way of telling someone ‘I hate you but you’re idea is valid’. In West Virginia public schools, I was taught that was a double-negative.
  • Throwing out spoiled food. I’m usually annoyed with myself if I have to throw out food. Just feels wasteful.
  • People who are late. If I was a fair person I would only be annoyed by the fact someone is late. But I’m not. If you are late, I hate you (just a little bit) at that moment.
  • The alarm clock. Necessary evil but still evil.

Things that make me Absurdly happy:

  • Morning Coffee…self-explanatory.
  • Kid Toothbrushes with the little suction cup on the bottom. I confess to owning an Angry Birds toothbrush. The suction cup is neat…and handy. I can stick my toothbrush anywhere on the counter and its stays put.
  • Sunday evening TV shows. The husband and I have a ritual of watching one or two hit shows – TrueBlood, Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, Shameless- (usually with a snack or adult beverage ). The shows change out with the season but taking a little time to relax and enjoy the very last of the weekend make me dread Monday a little less.
  • Surprise presents. They mean more than requisite holiday/birthday gifts. Nothing fancy or expensive but personal.
  • Dachshunds I have two very spoiled little beasts: Oscar (short for Oscar Mayer Weiner) and Dobby (like the house elf in Harry Potter).

pup 2pup snow


One comment on “Random

  1. love the title of this blog! LOL And this Random blog was spot on. I’m with you on just about everything especially the morning coffee! Yeah! JC2011

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