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I have an iPad…now what do I do with it.

…more exactly I have my husband’s gently used iPad. He got a new mini, which is ironic because I’m mini and he is a giant (but adorable).


Now I have one of the coolest, most coveted technological inventions of all time…and no idea what to do with it.(except how to play Angry Birds)

Yes, I will use if for work. Honest, it will be incredibly useful for work.

The potential of the device is almost overwhelming. Reading. Images. Games. Infinite Apps. The husband and I can choreograph our own iPad original/iPad mini commercial.

I am most excited about using it for my writing, but I don’t know the best way to go about doing that. I like the portability of the device. I currently write in small notebooks for the same reasons: size and portability. The drawbacks are: I have numerous notebooks with half-finished stories, lose the notebook-lose the story, I still have to type the story eventually. The hurdle I see most with the iPad is, I prefer to write by hand. I tried the keyboard, but it isn’t tactile. I’m not comfortable typing more than a quick message.

I’m looking into apps that transcribe handwriting into text. I am skeptical of ‘free’ apps to do more than be simple-one function programs. I have come across two pay apps that seem promising.

WritePad ($3.99) It claims to learn your handwriting and convert it into text.
PhatPad ($5) Not sure what makes this one different or better in any way.

I’m asking the ‘audience’. Any advice on apps or writing on an iPad?

  • Does anyone use a tablet to write full-length documents?
  • Recommend any apps to try? or stay away from?
  • Anyone out there with a similar issue? (We might not have the answers but we can swap failure stories.)


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