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Restless Reading

Have you ever had a day when you don’t know what you want to read? When you just can’t decide what mood you are in?

Its like flipping through the channels on television. You start a chapter, the story stalls; you try another title. My fully loaded Kindle has afforded me of the luxury of considering thousands of works with a tap of my finger. I love to read, so its hard to say when this happens I’m not in the mood to read (Maybe that’s what it is like for ‘non-book’ people.) When I check physical books out of the Public Library, I feel obligated to finish the book and do so as soon as possible – someone else may be waiting for it. With ebooks I feel less pressure. I’m neglectful in a way and take for granted the book will be waiting for me…

…Then again there are three releases coming this month. I read a large variety of genres but paranormal romance is my current favorite. Jacquelyn Frank, J. R. Ward and Charlaine Harris are releasing long-awaited titles this Spring.


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