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I Didn’t Know my Phone Could Do That

I consider myself somewhat tech savvy. My email and calendar sync between my computer and smartphone. I can pull together renderings and graphics into a seamless presentation. And I will say I am skilled at making files other people give me behave. Yet still I will make a discovery about a device or program that […]

Define “Scale”

The English language is a peculiar invention. It’s principle rules are more like suggestions, with more exceptions than proofs. ‘American’ English is even more puzzling. A reflection of the people, American English freely borrows, steals and mimics words from other cultures. The nuances native speakers take for granted can trip up those learning it as […]

Sports Fan Cultural Outting

Compromise and Making the Most out of Weekend Athletic Pilgrimages I have confessed my husband’s fishing obsession. If there is water he will fish. But he is also a sports fan. College football and hockey being his two favorites with professional football backsliding in recent years. Three to four times a year, we travel to […]