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I Didn’t Know my Phone Could Do That

I consider myself somewhat tech savvy. My email and calendar sync between my computer and smartphone. I can pull together renderings and graphics into a seamless presentation. And I will say I am skilled at making files other people give me behave.

Yet still I will make a discovery about a device or program that surprises me.

This week I was taking some site photos I needed for a presentation. I trekked around the site and collected dozens of shots. The goal was more informational than artistic. But I still took care with framing the view. Back at my computer, I connected my phone to the USB port and…..my images were black and white. Surprise!

If I had been trying to take a black and white photo, I would never have been able to find the setting. Not exactly ‘pocket-dialing’ but just as inexplicable. Trying to restore the default color setting was a puzzle in itself (I also discovered a sepia and negative setting too). Though I had to go back out and re-take all the shots for my presentation, I like the soft gray tone of the pictures. The view is cleaner, more unified. The existing site condition is not overly attractive. Grayscale hides most of the clutter we can’t escape in real life. 

2013-04-16_13-20-06_9052013-04-16_13-21-44_492 2013-04-16_13-23-00_429


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