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You’re Welcome Knoxville

Last week Amazon released its list of the most well-read cities in the United States. The online retailer ranked cities of 100,000+ by compiling sales data for books, magazines and newspapers. Alexandria, Virginia stayed the reigning champion but a bit of an upset took the number two slot.

Amazon ranked Knoxville as the second most well-read city (per capita) in the nation.

Last year Knoxville was number 12. I got my Kindle last Christmas and BAM! The city lept ten spots to Number 2! I don’t think its a coincidence.

I read A LOT. You already know this, but just to underscore…I read a lot. (Just check my GoodReads shelf.) Mystery. Fantasy. Paranormal. Romance. Some Classics and Non-fiction for when I feel snobbish. I can finish a good book in a day. However, I don’t ‘buy’ a lot of books. I’m a traditionalist; I borrow books through my local library. The only difference is it’s all gone digital. My library is part of a state-wide network call ‘Regional Ebook & Audiobook Download System (or READS. Clever, huh?). I can search by title, author, or genre. The site recommends books based on my past selections – just like Amazon. I can even recommend titles to the library. That is where I have influenced Amazon’s figures. I recommend books for the greater good. Once the library has acquired the ebook (and I have read it 😉 ) then it is part of the interlibrary sharing system and thus available to the masses.

So Knoxville, feel free to send me tokens of your gratitude. I accept cash, chocolate and cute dachshund pictures.


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