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After ‘Dead Ever After’

Dead Ever After, the thirteenth book in the world acclaimed Sookie Stackhouse series, hit the shelves yesterday. I got my copy before the sales clerk even had time to stock the display. As of this morning I am half way through the book – PLEASE NO SPOILERS YET – I’ll post my reaction later this week.

I was very anxious about this book. Like most of Mrs. Harris’s fans I am heavily invested in the characters. It’s hard to imagine an ending that will be ‘just right’. My husband has his own theories – that I deliberately ignore. I usually speed through new books, but I am trying to slow myself down this time. I have a bad habit of skimming through the boring parts, like side-storylines. But I want to give Sookie’s last installment my full attention.

My impression so far is the book feels heavier, more mature, like heroine herself. Also new to Mrs. Harris’s writing are short excerpts from the assumed ‘villian’s’ perspective. Usually, in true mystery tradition we don’t know who is doing the murdering/causing havoc in Sookie’s life until the end.

No matter the medium, be it television or print, the ending of a long running series is always difficult. I have seen the finale of ‘The Sopranos’, ‘LOST’, and ‘Harry Potter’. Rowling was the only one that ever left me truly happy with the conclusion. I cheered Harry on to the end.

Midway through the book, Mrs. Harris is bringing characters all the way back from book two: Living Dead in Dallas. Converging storylines is expected, but all I’m really concerned about is Sookie. Everyone else can fend for themselves.

This is the last May for a new Sookie release, but Mrs. Harris has one last treat for us. Coming on October 29, 2013, ‘After Dead’ answers any lingering questions in the Southern Vampire Saga. Arranged alphabetically, Mrs. Harris takes readers into the future of the residents of Bon Temps. So if Book 13 was just too final for you…hold out ’til October. And in the meantime, brush off your copy of ‘Dead Until Dark’.

After Dead

Cover of "Dead Until Dark (Southern Vampi...


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