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I want this woman to be my Grandma

What’s worse? Your daughter writing paranormal romance…or your grandmother? I had my own apprehension and minor embarrassment when I revealed I wrote a book about ‘vampires having sex’. But I empathize with children of 70+ year old writer of “mommy porn” (that term makes me uncomfortable). Under the pen-name, Desiree Holt has published over 100 […]

Summer Can’t Read a Calendar

So, the official start of summer is June 21, 2013. My thermometer says it’s already here. So does my bookshelf. I tend to go to the library more in the summer. I guess it’s the weather. The long daylight hours trick me into thinking I can get more done. A sure sign you are getting […]

Reading Rut

Ever get sick of everything you are reading? Do you have seven unfinished books currently on your Kindle? Are you just bored? I am embarrassed to say I am there…Sorta (My husband’s gonna kill me.) I am at time between major book releases. Authors like Charlaine Harris and J. R. Ward have published their Spring […]