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Reading Rut

Ever get sick of everything you are reading? Do you have seven unfinished books currently on your Kindle? Are you just bored?

I am embarrassed to say I am there…Sorta (My husband’s gonna kill me.)

I am at time between major book releases. Authors like Charlaine Harris and J. R. Ward have published their Spring releases and it won’t be until January before I can get excited about a new one. I have tons of books on my Kindle and access to thousands more through my library, I just don’t know WHAT I WANT to read. I’ve grown bored with Alexandra Ivy‘s Guardians of Eternity series. I’m just mad at George R. R. Martin. Nothing good ever happens to his characters; they get beheaded. (Mr. Martin you are not forgiven for Ned Stark.) Occasionally, I’ll pick up a classic thinking I need some culture. Typically, three chapters in I understand why high school students lie on their book reports. Sometimes I just get restless, like then you channel surf, but can’t find anything good on TV.

I need a new series.

I thought I had one in Jacquelyn Frank‘s ‘Drink of Me’. It had all the earmarks of a new paranormal romance collection: unique world with supernatural elements, larger than life hero with supporting cast of warrior friends (so they can star in subsequent books) and a beautiful female lead with her own super powers. I thoroughly enjoyed the book and was looking forward to reading future books. Starting a series is fun for me. But according the author’s website it is a single title. Perhaps if the book is successful, sequels will follow.

Until then…Suggestions anyone?


One comment on “Reading Rut

  1. Mark of the Vampire by Laura Wright; Vampire Destiny Series by Alexandra Anthony; Scanguards by Tina Folsom

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