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Summer Can’t Read a Calendar

So, the official start of summer is June 21, 2013. My thermometer says it’s already here. So does my bookshelf.

I tend to go to the library more in the summer. I guess it’s the weather. The long daylight hours trick me into thinking I can get more done. A sure sign you are getting older is constantly commenting on how fast time goes. (By that estimation, I’m 27 going on 80.) I can’t believe its the middle of June.Knoxville had two days of nice weather. Now I’m sweating my face off. (Complaining about the weather is sign #2 you are getting old.)

For the past two summers, my husband and I have had intentions of entering our local library’s ‘Edible Books Contest’. It is a cute, funny contest where people submit a 95% edible construction that represents a scene/character/etc from a book found in the library. We found out too late the first year and simply procrastinated last year.

This Year It Is On!

Harry Potter’s Monster Book of Monsters... in fondant!

The Contest is July 19-22. I have time but not too much. I have to research and experiment.

Anyone have any advice? Recommendations for constructing my edible wonder?

Edible Book Contest

2011 Winners



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