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I want this woman to be my Grandma

What’s worse? Your daughter writing paranormal romance…or your grandmother?

I had my own apprehension and minor embarrassment when I revealed I wrote a book about ‘vampires having sex’. But I empathize with children of 70+ year old writer of “mommy porn” (that term makes me uncomfortable). Under the pen-name, Desiree Holt has published over 100 titles. She and her mortified offspring were featured on a short CBS Sunday Morning.

On last week’s episode, Bill Geist awkwardly reported on a surprising trend in publishing…people are making money. The boom is coming to the genre of romance and erotica. Whether the content bridges into actual pornography depends upon who you ask. The success is due in part to the anonymity of purchasing ebooks online and reading the steamy text on a device like a Kindle. ‘50 Shades of Grey‘ is the infamous example, but lots of authors are benefiting from the naughty habits of the unassuming ‘mommy’. In the Sunday Morning short Geist posed with the hulking models for a laugh.The cover art is the biggest give-away. Busty ladies and brawny half-naked men. What will entice a reader to buy/download your title will also definitely embarrass her if anyone ever found the book laying around her home.

The best part of the featurette was Desiree Holt reading a passage while sitting on her porch in a rocking chair. Hey! Mommies – and grandmommies – need love, too. We just don’t wanna have to think about it. 🙂




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