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A Lost Book is Sad

Watching movie trailers usually leads to more books on my reading list. Case in point, Mortal Instruments: City of Bones. I saw the preview on a Friday night date; Saturday morning, I had the book by the same name check out with my library card. I’m not scared enough of the Young Adult section to resist a promising title.

warning: mild spoilers

I really enjoyed the book. Admittedly, there was some teenage angst, the trademark of YA fiction. However, the heroine Clary was genuine. I saw some elements of the Harry Potter style world building, where an exciting, dangerous and magical world exist all around us. But muggles – oops – mundanes (as they are called in this series) can’t see it. The best parts of the book are when the veil between the ordinary lifts to reveal the fantastic. There is a bit of a love triangle: Clary is torn between her steadfast ‘normal’ best friend Simon and a tragically orphaned but bad ass demon slayer, Jace. Things got really awkward when Clary and Jace discover they are siblings. Not to worry the situation doesn’t take a ‘Game of Thrones’ twist. Clary and Jace realize they have true affection for each other and those feelings easily shift to family affection. The book ends with Clary saving Jace from the bad guy, ironically their father. But the bad guy gets away and their mother is left in a coma.

As I closed the book cover, I could practically see the words “…To Be Continued”.

Next visit to the library, books 3 and 4 are on the shelf but no sign of book 2. The recently returned area was barren, too. The librarian at the reference desk was nice and did a quick check for me. I thought perhaps I could put a hold on it. But there was no hope for it. The book was Lost!

The librarian had nothing else to offer, just a ‘sorry’. There was no intention to replace the book. (I hope the little miscreant had to pay a heavy fine.) Of course, I’ll probably just buy the book (or my enabler husband will get it for me). But what about other people wanting to read the series? With the movie’s release hordes of tweens will be searching for what happens next. The library can offer Books 1, 3, and 4, but what happened to 2?

I hope the guilty liked the book so much they kept it and it wasn’t neglectfully lost or damaged. Maybe their parents were making them move, but they hadn’t finished reading and they couldn’t bear not know how the book ended, so they took the book with them to Albuquerque. I could forgive then. Because a Lost book is just sad.

Hopefully, once the movie’s popularity sparks a demand for the books the library will order more copies, so me and the tween won’t be disappointed by missing titles.


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