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It’s harder when it’s work

There is the expression, “do something you love and you’ll never ‘work’ a day in your life”. I’m not sure that’s true. – Yes, finding a job you don’t hate is important, but is still gonna be ‘work’. (The only exceptions I can think of are if you are fortunate enough – lottery, inheritance or sugar daddy/momma – to not have to work but still do or you are a super passionate advocate for a worthwhile cause.)

I came to this conclusion when I realized that as soon as I HAVE to do something it is work and I am more reluctant to do it, even if it is something I would normally enjoy. I love to read. If is a good book, I can consume it in a day, but ask me to read something and it will be a week before I crack the cover. It doesn’t matter if its fiction, non-fiction; I just put it off.

I never would have finished writing my own book if I did it solely to publish. I wrote it out of graduate school stress. I have three or four story beginnings and no timeline for completing them. I dabble with them now and again. It is amazing how much downtime I lost now I don’t have to attend lectures three times a week. But I know as soon as I set a schedule or try to write for a living, I’ll quit. It will kill the fun and I won’t enjoy writing anymore.


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