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Write What You Know. Write Where You Go.

They say ‘Write What You Know’. The cliche is pretty self-explanatory. You can’t convincingly write about something you know noting about. Imaginary worlds are exempt but even fantasy has to be constructed with some same themes and consequences of our world to be engaging. I’ve found the same for places you go. For example a […]

Weekly Calendar – Explained

Monday The week really starts with Monday. All the work you put off last Friday is ready and waiting on you. The best part of the day is re-capping the amazing HBO Sunday night shows with your work friends (Sopranos, Game of Thrones, TrueBlood, etc.) Tuesday If you live in WV you regard this day […]

Beautiful Day and Feeling D*mn Sexy

80 Degrees – Mostly Sunny – Low Humidity Cute (tight) Skirt and a Good Hair/Skin Day I am a middle child, known mostly for her brains and being ‘the-quiet-one’. So I’ve never really thought of myself as Beautiful. Don’t get me wrong, I have a healthy self-image. I think I’m cute, even pretty, just not […]

Cavemen Don’t Text

Boys are gross. They are smelly. They are dirty. They have weird little sense of humors. That’s why they are boys. Men (if properly trained) are less gross, but deep down, they are still boys. Accept this Ladies. I willfully married a manly man. He likes to fish, watch sports (he still tries to teach […]