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Cavemen Don’t Text

Boys are gross. They are smelly. They are dirty. They have weird little sense of humors. That’s why they are boys.

Men (if properly trained) are less gross, but deep down, they are still boys.

Accept this Ladies.

I willfully married a manly man. He likes to fish, watch sports (he still tries to teach me about sports) and his 5 o’clock shadow shows up by 2 in the afternoon. Closing in on a decade of marriage, I’m poorly suited to offer ‘dating’ advice. But I have a relationship tip:

Figure out what you want in a boyfriend/girlfriend/spouse/partner then don’t be pissed when you get it.

Example: Ladies love the strong assertive type. The caveman appeals to our “X” chromosome, but then we expect him to meet all of our modern-day sensitivities. We get bothered when he doesn’t text back immediately or “like” our fb status. I’m not leading an anti-feminist campaign. (Hell, I “bring home the bacon” in my family – direct quote from husband), and I get equally vexed by both gender’s courting etiquette. Watching the dating shenanigans of those around me, I get annoyed when someone complains about the very characteristics that attract them to the person to begin with.

Sometimes a dude is just a dude.


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