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Weekly Calendar – Explained


  • The week really starts with Monday. All the work you put off last Friday is ready and waiting on you. The best part of the day is re-capping the amazing HBO Sunday night shows with your work friends (Sopranos, Game of Thrones, TrueBlood, etc.)


  • If you live in WV you regard this day as Gino’s Two-for-Tuesday Pizza, a long running buy-one-get-one deal. It was such an established tradition in my family the local restaurant staff worried about our welfare if we missed a week.

Gino's Pizza and Spaghetti Logo


  • HUMP DAY! D*mn you clever Geico Advertising. Now every Wednesday all I can think about is a camel walking through office space yelling “What? What? Guess what day it is?”


  • Thursday is a good day. Usually, by lunch I can feel the week wrapping up. I don’t mind stay up or out a little later because, hey tomorrow is Friday!


  • Probably the best day of the week. In some ways it’s even better than Saturday, because you are anticipating the weekend. At 5:00 PM on Friday, two whole days of freedom are yours.


  • Lately, Husband and I have been getting up earlier and getting more done on Saturday than any day of the week. With two tiny spoiled dachshunds sleeping-in is interrupted as soon as their bladders say so. But the last several weekends we have ventured out before the sun, and – only because I love him (and he is too heavy to murder and bury) – we have gone fishing. I use the time to study, read for fun and write.


  • The last day of my week. It has slowly become my least favorite day, mostly due to dread and preparation for the work week ahead. Though we do make a special effort to enjoy the evening. We make a nice meal, have a drink and watch one or two of our favorite shows. The evening is just the two of us. Sorry no guests at our little weekly ritual.

Eight hours later….BAM It’s Monday. Time for the rollercoaster to take off again.


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