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Write What You Know. Write Where You Go.

They say ‘Write What You Know’. The cliche is pretty self-explanatory. You can’t convincingly write about something you know noting about. Imaginary worlds are exempt but even fantasy has to be constructed with some same themes and consequences of our world to be engaging.

I’ve found the same for places you go. For example a college field trip turned into the setting for my first novel.

Next month husband and I are planning a our fist trip to the West Coast. I wonder what stories I will come up with then.

Excerpt from ‘Solstice Night’

He damned his offer to carry Maryssa when they arrived at the intersection of Ellery
Street and Heidelberg Street. Her front was pressed to his back. He knew she wasn’t wearing a bra and she was cold. Every time he paused, her hair whipped forward and brushed his cheek. Her quick breaths tickled his neck and sent chills down his spine. He set her down as soon as possible under a towering oak. His companions, he hoped, were too occupied with the bizarre streetscape to notice his obvious urges.

The tree they stood under was weighed down by hundreds of pairs of shoes laced to its
branches. The disembodied shoes kicked eerily against the sky. Many of the lots were vacant with overgrown grass. The houses that remained were certainly altered. Brilliant colors screamed at them even in the light of the full moon. Teddy bears and dolls swayed in the faint wind off the river.

“Stop looking as though we are about to be jumped.” Sin criticized the group as a
whole. “Listen, Rook and I will go up the street first and investigate. We will look as if we are just checking out some abandoned buildings and wanting a place to crash for a little recreation.” His gaze focused on Maryssa. “You wanted to tag along, chica, so act friendly with Fitz. I mean mind-numb, sex crazed feeder friendly.” Maryssa blushed. “Dis, Beo we all know you can be friendly.” Someone snickered. “So try to look like a vamp with his indefinable supernatural girlfriend.”

Sin walked away without waiting to hear if they agreed with his plan. Rook followed three paces behind. Beo pulled Dis into a mouth crushing kiss. When she released him, he said, “I like friendly.” She chuckled then said to Fitzgerald while still staring at Dis, “Give me five minutes to see what I can see.”

That left Fitzgerald alone with Maryssa; Maryssa who was shivering in her too light jacket. He turned to her and began to shuck his own coat.
“Stop.” She whispered, “What are you doing?”
“I am attempting to give you my coat.”
“You can’t do that. What vamp gives his coat to his dinner?” She had a point. Too bad she wasn’t smart enough to remember to dress warmer.
“But you are freezing.” Fitzgerald observed the rosy flush to her cheeks.
“Then stand close and act friendly.” Maryssa pulled him toward her as she backed up
against the oak’s trunk. Fitzgerald could not give her is coat, but he could share it with her. He braced his arms on the tree at either side of her. She snaked her arms under his coat and round his ribs. A shiver that had nothing to do with the cold ran through him. He was not much taller than her. She tilted her chin up. If he would just lower his, she thought. Fitzgerald battled to preserve the last breadth of space between them. He knew Maryssa desired him, but she was a child. At least that was what he kept telling himself, but Beo’s proclamation that she was an adult came rushing back to him. She certainly felt like a woman. The mortals he fed from and had sex with were strangers he only knew for one night. He had avoided Maryssa’s subtle advances before by telling himself he wanted to preserve the harmony on the house. That any relationship they had would end badly. That was almost true.

But Maryssa wasn’t letting him decide anymore.

She stood on her toes and set her mouth against his. She worked softly and sweetly at first. She held on tightly, knowing she could not hurt him nor keep him if he really wanted away. He returned her kiss timidly. Not so much touching her as allowing her to touch him. He gave her free reign of his body. She struggled to pull him even closer until she wore his coat as much as he did. A small part of her mind acknowledged bitter sweetly, “This is your first kiss.” The first that counted anyway. All her previous sexual experience was partnered with alcohol and drugs. She was not ready to stop when Fitzgerald jerked away. She tried to tug him back, but he spun to stand protectively in front of her.

They were no longer alone.



One comment on “Write What You Know. Write Where You Go.

  1. Ooooh, interesting scene setup! I think I would want to know more about this group and their situation. 🙂

    You’re right about writing what you know. Even in made-up worlds, studying/making a map of your locale is almost a necessity. Which reminds me, I need to make some maps ….

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