Why can’t my coffee cup be as well designed as a dog bowl?

Writers aren’t known for our proprioception. (That’s a nice way of saying we are clumsy.) Proprioception is your sense of your body’s position. It is how you are aware of your posture, your body parts’ relative positions to other parts; its how you tell if you are standing, moving or hanging upside down.

It is how you are supposed to know where your hand is in relation to the coffee mug you are reaching for –  just before you knock it over and spill coffee all over your keyboard. And it is ALWAYS the keyboard. The tiny spaces between the plastic key must act as a vacuum. A cup spilled on the opposite corner of the deck will land on the keyboard. This unfortunately happens regularly. I could offer the excuse that I’m too absorbed in my work to be careful. But the truth is…I’ma klutz. And uncoordinated. I can’t throw a frizbee. Okay, I can’t ACCURATELY throw a frizbee. Modern design should anticipate my inevitable accidents and prevent them.

I came to this conclusion after watching my two very spoiled dogs play with their food. They nudged their overflowing food bowl with their noses, sliding it across the floor. It made a spectacular ratchet, but the food never spilled. The bowl never turned over. Now, perhaps the makers of beverage containers expect me to have more dexterity than my canines. They are wrong. (And my pups are pretty agile when they want to be.)


Diagramming the fundamental difference – and flaw –  between my sacred coffee mug and my puppies kibble bowl is the base-to-top proportion (Hey, I can’t help it I went to design school). Basically, where my cup has a narrower base than mouth, the food bowl has a wide base. The bowl’s interior is narrower but the outside edge is greatly offset. The wide base gives greater stability and keeps the bowl from having a convenient lip that my pups could use to flip their food across the kitchen.

In most cases, a grossly over-sized mug is a terrible idea. It would never fit in my car cup holder anyway. But when I once again have to pour coffee out of the letter keys, its seems brilliant.


3 comments on “Why can’t my coffee cup be as well designed as a dog bowl?

  1. Hahaha! You can be the first to make it happen 🙂 I agree that it would be nice to have more stability, but they’d feel a bit heavy, wouldn’t they?

    New follower, I found you on Goodreads. Check out my blog at http://myviewpointonbooks.blogspot.com. Please leave a comment on my blog if you stop by!

  2. oh my god, that’s funny. Never thought of designing a cup like that. But should because I too am prone to accidental coffee OOOPS.

  3. OMG! It’s like you’re inside my body! Yesterday I spilled acetone polish remover all over my mouse among other important things on my desk! Plus, you’ve now introduced me to a new word–I LOVE that.

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