What’s Your Monster?

I can barely believe that it has been a year since I collaborated and helped publish “All the Lovely Creatures”. It was a free anthology of fantasy and horror undertaken by GoodReads group, Paranormal & Horrors Lovers.

Book Cover

Book Cover

It was a great experience. All of the writers were enthusiastic and supportive throughout the process. One of my favorite parts was discussing everyone’s ‘creatures’. Even what you would think of as a commonplace or played out monsters took on new and unique qualities in the original short stories. Some submissions were small peeks into larger works. Some where their own microcosms; their own mini self-contained story-verses.

Vampires, Shifters, Gorgons, an Incubus and various Demons made up the casting call. Vampires are always a big hit. And everyone has their favorite kind. Whether is the sparkly tween version or the grown-up bloodlusty one.

I don’t like to write about vampires; I like to write stories with vampires in them.

Surprisingly, no one wrote about zombies. (I don’t particularly like ’em – but hey whatever works for you.) Shifters are interesting. The appeal for me is the battle between the outer civilized man (or woman) and the beast within, and just how much of the rational mind exists in the primal state.

Thinking about the anthology and what has changed in a year’s time, I wonder: Are vampires still the prima donna among the supernatural? Has zombies taken center stage?

If you could create your own story what creature would you build your plot around?

What’s Your Monster?


2 comments on “What’s Your Monster?

  1. Dear Accidental Author, I’m enjoying the updates. I thought I should point out you have typos: “the outer civilized man” and “how much of the rational” Best regards, James Wright (UK) Date: Wed, 11 Sep 2013 15:55:31 +0000 To: jfr_wright@hotmail.com

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