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Don’t Date the Hero

When I was a kid, there was a running joke in my family, “you never want to be the hero’s girlfriend (or best friend)”.  It’s always the girlfriend that gets attacked/kidnapped/murdered. We were big fans of Mel Gibson – before he was a whacked out male chauvinist, Arnold Schwarzenegger – before the nanny baby scandal and Bruce Willis – he is still awesome but should really stop making Die Hard movies. The action movies of my childhood had one common lesson, if you date the hero, the bad guy is after you. Poor Mel Gibson is a widower in Lethal Weapon, Road Warrior, and Brave Heart.

In the mid-90’s the hero was predominately male. Slowly though, I would extend my advice to don’t be the Heroine’s boyfriend. In 2003’s Kill Bill Uma Thurman’s fiance was axed in an animated cut-scene. But I prefer the vicious frying pan welding “Rapanzel” (Disney 2010 ) who saves her slightly criminal beau from the vile witch.

I feel like books are a little behind the trend. As I searched for new reads on my local library ebook lending site, the first blurb line for almost every paranormal romance read the same “…to save the woman he loves – and the world – Vlad (or some other ridiculously masculine name) must battle a dark evil…” True the formula works. The +120,000 hits in the library search bars proves it. Also book blurbs are difficult to write. As an author how do you distill your creation – your thousand word baby to just a paragraph.

Here is my attempt for Solstice Night:

Dis exists in silent rage. His human life was taken by a paranoid vampire and the centuries since have been spent in bloody darkness. He is a vampire, but he is a slave bound to an arrogant fool he can’t kill. He doesn’t let himself think or want. He survived on instinct…until Beo.

She liberates his body, but ensnares his heart. She is both more alive and more powerful than any being he has ever known. She makes him feel. And he hates it.

My hero is female (if not purely human) but her mate isn’t any safer.


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