The Company You Keep


The husband and I had a outing over the weekend that focused on fishing. Not my thing but hey I like the guy and I had a fully loaded Kindle (gotta love thousands of books conveniently carried in one slim tablet). The weather was awesome cool Autumn crispness. The leaves were ablaze with color and I miraculously didn’t bludgeon my spouse for waking me at 3 AM. Unfortunately, the trip did not go quite as planned. The fishing turned out to be less than exciting.

But it was still a good day because of the company.


2 comments on “The Company You Keep

  1. I miss my fishing trips with my hubby, too. Not because I enjoyed being dragged out of bed, or hauling the canoe out onto the lake, or shoving wriggling worms onto the hooks, or cleaning the fish (hey, what happened to ‘you catch it, YOU clean it’, how come I get to clean ALL the fish?), but because of the company, exactly. I’m glad you’re able to treasure the time with your dear hubby, because you never know if he’ll still be with you tomorrow.

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