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Can a Series be Salvaged?

There is very little love right now for Mrs. Charlaine Harris on the web.

A lot of her fans (myself included) were left flat at the conclusion of Dead Ever After. The ambivalent non-ending to the Sookie Stackhouse saga disappointed the masses. [spoiler: Sookie ended up kinda with Sam, but not really in a committed relationship – not how we hoped to leave our heroine. I personally liked Sam, but felt he never had a chance after the first book. It seemed like a lot of waste effort.]

Yesterday’s release of After Dead, gave us chance at answering those last lingering questions. But the readers still aren’t happy.

I have neither read nor purchased the book yet. Leading up to the book release, I previewed the book’s GoodReads page and the comments are not favorable and in most cases they aren’t fair. Most of the book reviews are by people who openly claim they will NEVER read the book. So I’m not sure why they even bothered posting a review. Lots the criticism came over the book’s length (or rather shortness) and lack of storyline. That kind of negative feedback is solely the fault of the reviewer. The book is described on Amazon as an encyclopedia style book with characters arranged alphabetically. It is not a novel and shouldn’t be criticized for ‘being too short’ or ‘not having a story’. Ms. Harris said she wrote it for the Sookie fan that had wanted to know ‘what happened next’. If that wasn’t you… don’t buy the book.

Yes, I was a little disappointed by the later books, but I love the Sookie Stackhouse Series and I am going to take the final book in the manner that it is given; as a companion not a stand alone story. It may be too late to win back the hearts of the critics. But I hope this truly last Sookie book ends things better and some of the fan feel validated for their dedication.

As for the others, if you won’t take the time to read the book, please don’t spend time posting about how you won’t read the book.




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