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Poor Man’s Time Machine

timeThis is the week I spend trying to remember if I changed the time on that specific clock. The smart thing would be to change all the clocks at the same time, but where is the challenge in that?

The US citizen – at least those not stuck working a weekend night shift – rejoices in an extra hour of sleep (yep, we Americans can be lazy little jerks). News, radio, everyone is overexcited about potentially 60 more minutes of REM. I usually over compensate for having ONE WHOLE EXTRA HOUR and stay up three hours later than normal and wake up later than is healthy and screw up my whole day. (The husband and a fishing expedition prevented that this year.)

The concept of ‘an extra hour’ is almost magical. It’s like time-travel (or at least the closest thing we have to it besides Mr. H.G. Wells’ fanciful novel). The Potential of the hour is what’s most attractive. Anything is possible by just having more time. It’s our own mini version of Groundhog Day. At 2:00 AM the hands on the clock – or more likely the illuminated LEDs of the clock – rewind to 1:00 AM. The true event happens while we sleep. If you want to be responsible you set the clock before you go to bed, but if you want the vicious pleasure and perception of having more time to sleep, you change the time in the morning. It’s like the world’s best snooze button.

I felt the same way when I traveled out West for the first time. Typically running on Eastern Standard Time, my husband and I kept referring to what time it was ‘back home’ and what we were doing 3 hours behind. It was slightly mind-bending reconciling the time difference a few thousand miles makes. Somehow we focused on the we-have-more-time part and less on the we-wake-up-earlier-back-home part. “Losing” time during the home flight was hard (and exhausting). Perhaps that is the cost of ‘time travel’. In all of the rules of fantasy, magic or science fiction there is a price for receiving favors. Balance must be maintained. And on March 9th 2014, when our clocks are robbed on their ‘extra hour’, Daylight Savings Time returns.

“Stop worrying about the world ending today.

It’s already tomorrow in Australia.”

– Charles M. Shultz


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