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Dear Books, I missed you.

As I have posted before reading, is harder when it is ‘work’; it is torture when it is for school. It is easier to cheat yourself when you are just studying. I make myself take handwritten notes, or else I will ‘skim’ instead of actually read and interpret what I am trying to learn. Normally, a 300 page novel will be devoured in a day. 3 page article on a work-related project will sit untouched on my desk for a week. A textbook will be murderously dissected in 100 page sections and I will not be happy about it.

I have spent the last month preparing for two major professional exams. My kitchen table has disappeared under tomes that haven’t been checked since the 1980’s. My husband called me ‘Hermine’ (then I made him carry my books). The organization that writes, administers and grades the exams publishes a recommended reading list. They explicitly state: “Candidates are not expected to review all of the books on this list..” But I wasn’t taking any chances. I have a lot of faith in books. I took full advantage of the library and read every d*mn book. Yes, I voluntarily read all six, technical and dry text books.

I took the exams last weekend. I won’t know the results for 4-6 weeks, but I looking forward to spending the holidays with some of my favorite authors. I want pure non-fiction, fantasy, paranormal, completely impossible and fun books to read. The first book in Charliane Harris’ new trilogy Cemetery Girl comes out in January. In the meantime, I am several books behind on J. R. Ward’s Fallen Angels series. It has been awhile since I read Covet and Crave. I believe I will treat myself and re-read the series from the beginning. I have time to read books 1-5 to be ready for book 6 in 2014.

My studies aren’t over and as much as I grumble, I still enjoy reading the material myself more than sitting in a lecture hall listening to someone read the same material from slides to me. I have degrees framed on my wall as tangible proof of my education, but there is something insanely satisfying about  returning a tower of books knowing I read all of them. More amazing is this kind of education is free; it only takes time…and a library card.

The tower of books I need to read for the second session of tests now occupies the corner of my kitchen table. And that is probably where they will sit until next year.


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