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Winter Depression

January. Time to want to be a better person; or at least pretend to be. Within five minutes of listening to the car radio on my morning commute, I feel compelled to refinance debit, diet and join a gym. (Thank you targeted marketing – way to zero in on our guilt of spending and eating too much during the holidays.) Commercial influences aside, I am trying to eat better and exercise more (Very original resolutions – I’ll let you know that’s going in a few weeks.).

The winter weather before Christmas is ‘festive’. Winter weather in January is an annoying hassle. The lights are gone. Everything is grey…and cold…and wet.

Hallmark reminds us there’s still Valentine’s Day. But Valentine’s has never been abundantly important to me. Not because I’m cynical or bitter. Quite the opposite. I married someone I love very much and who despite all evidence to the contrary thinks I’m perfect. We trying to be sweet and romantic all the time, not just on prescribed days on the calendar.

I hope you weren’t reading this expecting a pep talk to aleve your own winter funk. I don’t have any answers. My only advice is to hold out on your resolutions as long as possible then find someone to snuggle up with until the sloshy yuck melts…and pretend it’s Valentine’s Day.


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