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You have no reason to believe me as a random voice on the internet, but I am a loyal person. I am steadfast in character at my job. I am fiercely loyal to my husband, family, friends…Yet the grocery store needs tangible proof of my regard. I must furnish proof that ‘yes I am a loyal patron of fill-in-the-blank store. The grocery store was only the first. Now I can’t venture into the petstore, sporting goods or office supply place without getting guilted into filling out another card application with the line, ‘…but you’ll save $$$’ or ‘sorry the save price is for members-only.’

I have recently decided to downsize my man-wallet (actually it was falling apart at the seams, so there was little deciding on my part). Between my cellphone armored in its special element proof box and my brick of a wallet, going anywhere entailed me barreling around with pounds of ‘stuff’.

Commence with the wallet purge.

I pulled out every card from the seemingly endless slots and pockets. By the end, I had a playing deck sized stack of plastic. I quickly separated the essentials: driver’s license, work ID, insurance, debit card…But what to keep of the rest? Is it really worth saving $0.30 my next trip at the gas station to carry around one more thing in my wallet. My husband discovered the phone-wallet. It’s ingenious. Phone and wallet conveniently together with space enough for six cards. So guess what now I have…six cards.

I haven’t completely abandoned those that didn’t make the prestigious final cut. Most businesses do accept a phone number or email to prove your ‘loyalty’ and there are more apps and things like ‘Passbook’.  But why do I have to share personal information just to get a fair price on goods and services.

I’m frugal. That’s why I had so many cards in the first place and making me have one won’t make it any more likely I will shop there. I have yet to reach the point in my life where I have infinite disposable income, so the best way to ensure my loyalty is to offer the best product at the best price.


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