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Guilty Pleasure

Guilty pleasures are things that may be slightly embarrassing for a profession, mature adult to confess to do and enjoying.

I am not giving up anything for Lent; however, I thought I would confess to some of my guilty little pleasures.

  • I play Candy Crush at lunch. Those addictive little colored candies are a ‘gateway’ game.
  • Dog Shaming photos. There are dozens of lists on Facebook and YouTube. They are all basically the same and I don’t care. I love all of them (probably because I have two little guys that could top the lists at home.)
  • I saw ‘Vampire Academy’ in theaters. Yes, it is kinda a teen movie and campy. Don’t care. I had great time. Last year I attempted some of the Oscar winners. (Hey I had a weak moment of maturity) I felt boring, confused and cheated. I don’t want to spend an hour after a film trying to decipher what the h*ll it was about.
  • Sometimes, I eat peanut butter off a spoon (then giving the pups peanut butter too.)
  • I like asking the husband to reach things on high shelves.
  • Last one is the biggie, I read (and occasionally write) romance novels.

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