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Remove and Engage

During the past year, I have taken major steps to advance myself professionally (not with writing, but my ‘real’ life). That has meant weeks lost in study, sacrifice and patience on the part of my husband, and generally having to act like a mature adult. But eventually, I studied all I possibly could and I ran off to the circus.

Okay, so I really just took a night off to go to the circus. For a few hours I let Cirque du Soleil transport me into a fantasy world. Astounding acrobatics, Risque clowns and alien songs. (It was almost as engrossing as reading a book 😉 ).

Again it was the story that enthralled me. Varekai was the name of the show. It tells what happened to Icarus after he flew too close to the sun. (spoiler: it is a much happier ending than you would expect.)

It was an atypical night of luxury for me. My husband ensured I got a seat on the very front row. I even got popcorn and a coke. I went alone because the husband had to work, but even that was okay. It was almost thrilling being lone spectator in the masses. I was both witness and participant. I was investing in the outcome, yet removed from any real stress.

It was a successful evening in terms of refreshing my mental state (…and everyone lived happily ever after). I originally wrote this draft in April. Now the test results are in and I have passed, I can joyful post this. And recommend escaping into a bit of fantasy, whether in theater, fiction or otherwise, as an important part of a successful study strategy.


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